What to Expect in Counseling

Welcome to a process that can have lasting effects on your life.  Like with most things, you get what you put in.  If your desire is to experience change, you will work with your counselor to implement suggestions, to view circumstances from a fresh perspective, and to live differently.   


Before your first session, download the intake forms and complete the necessary paperwork to bring with you to your first appointment.  Your first session will last about an hour, during which the counselor will discuss the primary reason for which you are seeking counseling and will endeavor to understand your story.  Together, you will form a plan for life change.  Counseling can take several sessions, depending on the nature of the issues and concerns.  The goal of Transform Counseling is to provide brief, solution-focused treatment.


For premarital and couples counseling, the counselor employs a widely-used and highly effective inventory called Prepare Enrich to help couples understand one other's personality, relational styles and familes of origin.  Couples counseling usually takes a few sessions.  A premarital package is available; see Fees for Services for more information. 


In family counseling, as many members of the family as possible are seen for the initial session.  Afterwards, individual sessions may be scheduled as needed.



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